Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Silly Story with some Friends

Today I had brunch with some really good friends. Three of them, Beebe, Grace, and Diana, I haven’t seen in quite some time and one, Chris, who I nearly see on a daily basis :P After brunch at the Filling Station we parted from Chris to go and draw, as he has some chores to tend to. As we sat at the Starbucks in the lobby of the Wels Fargo bank in the Orange Circle we found ourselves at a loss as to what to draw. That was soon remedied when a wonderful suggestion surfaced. A popcorn paragraph, we each had to write one sentence of the same small paragraph and then draw the results. Here is what the four of us came up with.
“The magical cat went to the park. Where there were one legged Gnomes and squires on unicycles. It’s a funny thing that made her laughs so hard all the people in the restaurant turned their heads. But to their chagrin they disappeared through the dark forest.”
Here is my rendition. Diana and I took a literal stab at it making it into one solitary illustration. While Grace drew and series of sketches to tell the story, and Beebe showed us all up with adding her own awesome narrative to it.

Thanks again guys for an awesome sketch session. ☺

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