Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was a wonderful time with friends and family.
Here are some pictures of our annual traditions.

This is our Clay Manger. We pass out clay to everyone and they draw the name of a person or an object out of a bowl. We then get 15-20 minuets to make the name we drew. When everyone is done we read the Christmas story, and as each name, object, and animal is mentioned you place it it he manger. It is a lot of fun and wonderful way to tie in the actual Christmas story into CHRISTMAS! :D (I made the Angle).

And this is our annual cookie contest. I have yet to be able to put my name on that darn trophy. We had a cinderella story this year, our cousin Tanja came out of no where and took the glory from the wrestling Brandon and Shannon. One day I will have my day in the sun!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Sketchbook Volume 2

Sketchbook Volume 2!

My second Sketchbook is here and just in time for the Holidays! I am doing a run of 150 this time around, they are all going to be signed and number like the last set, but this time there are going to be 5.5 x.8.5 inches and only $20.

Sketchbook Vol. 2

Now ya gotta check out the limited run of handmade hardcover sketchbooks I am doing this time. I am really excited about this! I am partnering with For Those Who [www.forthosewho.com]. They make handmade sketchbooks and note books, please check out there website. We are going to make a very limited run of only 20 of these sketchbooks. Only 20 because I am hand drawing each individual cover. And that takes time! So not only do you get the sketchbook, you get original art on the cover. I am drawing a different magical creature for each of the 20 covers. These will be $40 plus shipping.

Cover 1 of 20

frak Sketchbook Vol. 2 | Hardback

These might make good Holiday gifts yes? :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Cards! [sold out]

Hey All!! Holiday Cards are here! Well two of them are pretty much Christmas Cards what with the Santa hats and all, but the Patronus one is just blue and wintery, so thats good!
I only have six sets, so don't wait around too long. There are two packs for each set. So two sets of Owls, two sets of Patroni, and two sets of House Elves. Each card is illustrated and watercolored by hand. These would make great mailers or ya can frame 'em up! :P Each set of 5 is $25.00 plush shipping. ACT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

Hoo could say no to these?

Expecto pa-buy-thum!

Free these elves!

Special thanks to Melinda for taking the pictures.