Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was a wonderful time with friends and family.
Here are some pictures of our annual traditions.

This is our Clay Manger. We pass out clay to everyone and they draw the name of a person or an object out of a bowl. We then get 15-20 minuets to make the name we drew. When everyone is done we read the Christmas story, and as each name, object, and animal is mentioned you place it it he manger. It is a lot of fun and wonderful way to tie in the actual Christmas story into CHRISTMAS! :D (I made the Angle).

And this is our annual cookie contest. I have yet to be able to put my name on that darn trophy. We had a cinderella story this year, our cousin Tanja came out of no where and took the glory from the wrestling Brandon and Shannon. One day I will have my day in the sun!

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wodedrawling said...

which cookie won?