Friday, December 30, 2011

The Lost Non-Church Notes Church Drawings of 2011

More Church related doodles.
Basically anything that I drew at Church or at something Church related that are not Church Notes.
Enjoy! :D

This one may look like church notes but do not be dismayed they are notes to took during CIRCLES, a discipleship program my Church has. This drawing pretty much sums up 2011. :/

More CIRCLES notes. But I drew my a fellow slice Amanda.

Thats me realizing that I was not trusting the Lord with my heart.
( you might notice a theme with the drawing of my self in the second half of 2011 :/)

This is my dear friend Melanie. She helped open my eyes to hope powerful the Holy Spirt truly is!
And for that I will be forever grateful, and I am pretty sure she will see some extra jewels in Heaven for it ;).
Oh and I still need to color this :/
This is of two worship leaders at my Church.
Their friendship reminds me of one I once had.

I drew this during a response time at the end of service at church.

These two I drew just last week. I went to a house of 24-7 prayer and worship with some of the new 2.0 Slices (CIRCLES Reference). And I drew two of them.

I just laid down what the Lord put on my heart.
I was so blessed that it blessed them.
Its pretty amazing how echo-system of spiritual gifting works.
I get blessed b/c they were blessed. :)

The Lost Random Doodles of 2011

Random Doodles.

The little girl is the main character from a comic I never finished! :(

A doodles... where from? Um... CIRCLES?

I drew the moon chart as an idea for an intro to a play I helped with.
The lasy is a Lady who is in my Life Group.
(I drew this during LifeGroup).

This is titled "Did God say?"

This is buff me with my Spiritual Owl companion.
We fight evil and the Devil.

These are some of my Favorite X-Men!
They would not make a good reality TV show b/c aside from Jean and Emma I think they would all get along quite well.
Oh yes Kitty doesn't like Emma either. Maybe it would be... Poor Kurt and Hank would have to live in a catty house.

The Long Lost StarKid Doodles of 2011

I got to hang out with the StarKids a few months back.
When they kick back and relax they do what they do best. PERFORM!
While they indulged in their craft I indulged in mine!

The Lost JUNTO Doodles of 2011

I started going to a wonderful thing called Junto in 2011.
T'was grand!

I wish I drew more of these.

Lost 2011 Church Notes

The Church Notes of 2011 that I was too lazy to allow to see the light of day.

A drawing of my friend Melinda.

A drawing of my friend Carly!
I still need to color this.

I based this off of a drawing Nick Chiurazzi did in Circles AGES ago.

This one is of my brother.

I forget who is was of, maybe my buddy Nate. It is basically quite literal, it is about transformation, and the breaking away of bondage of an old identity.

This is of my then new co-worker Loni. But I didn't show her this until about 2 or 3 months later, not wanting to be a weirdo who drew her a phrophetic-encouragement. Oh the foolishness of me. :)
I would like to color this one too.

This one was of a guy at church who has since vanished.

This is a drawing of one of our then current, now past worship leaders at Rock Harbor Caleb Clements.

This is to illustrate how idolatry is bondage for your heart.

This was a difficult week for me, I remember struggling a lot.
This image ministered to me considerably, I am not bound by the lies of the enemy.

I hate his face but I love this concept. We are all given keys to the Lord's Kingdom, where do these keys fit? In the hearts of his people! We bring his Kingdom to earth through the heart's of his people!

This one was the Lord telling me He is not yet done forming my "crown".
And by crown I mean ministry and character.

Our speech pours out of us and flows into the world around us.

This just a literal drawing of the teaching.
I should color it.

Another drawing of the study.

Our speech pours out of us and flows into the world around us.

This is of my buddy Nick.

This was the Last page of my sketchbook, 2 sketchbooks ago.

This is when I visited OASIS LA. I really liked it.
That was another difficult week.

This one is about how much more powerful and effective we are when we work together.