Friday, December 30, 2011

The Lost Random Doodles of 2011

Random Doodles.

The little girl is the main character from a comic I never finished! :(

A doodles... where from? Um... CIRCLES?

I drew the moon chart as an idea for an intro to a play I helped with.
The lasy is a Lady who is in my Life Group.
(I drew this during LifeGroup).

This is titled "Did God say?"

This is buff me with my Spiritual Owl companion.
We fight evil and the Devil.

These are some of my Favorite X-Men!
They would not make a good reality TV show b/c aside from Jean and Emma I think they would all get along quite well.
Oh yes Kitty doesn't like Emma either. Maybe it would be... Poor Kurt and Hank would have to live in a catty house.

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Danielle Case said...

What do you use to sketch these (before coloring)?