Friday, December 30, 2011

The Lost Non-Church Notes Church Drawings of 2011

More Church related doodles.
Basically anything that I drew at Church or at something Church related that are not Church Notes.
Enjoy! :D

This one may look like church notes but do not be dismayed they are notes to took during CIRCLES, a discipleship program my Church has. This drawing pretty much sums up 2011. :/

More CIRCLES notes. But I drew my a fellow slice Amanda.

Thats me realizing that I was not trusting the Lord with my heart.
( you might notice a theme with the drawing of my self in the second half of 2011 :/)

This is my dear friend Melanie. She helped open my eyes to hope powerful the Holy Spirt truly is!
And for that I will be forever grateful, and I am pretty sure she will see some extra jewels in Heaven for it ;).
Oh and I still need to color this :/
This is of two worship leaders at my Church.
Their friendship reminds me of one I once had.

I drew this during a response time at the end of service at church.

These two I drew just last week. I went to a house of 24-7 prayer and worship with some of the new 2.0 Slices (CIRCLES Reference). And I drew two of them.

I just laid down what the Lord put on my heart.
I was so blessed that it blessed them.
Its pretty amazing how echo-system of spiritual gifting works.
I get blessed b/c they were blessed. :)

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