Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Self Doodle

I used to doodle myself all of the time but it has been a while. It’s not that I am vain, but it's just that the only time I get to have super powers, wings, and/or magic is when I am in doodle form.
I did this on Monday during an excellent Bible study, my notes are over-laid on top in blue (I colored it the following day).

And I have noticed I tend to draw myself all thin... wishful thinking I guess.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sauvignon Blanc

An illustration I did for a wine tasting and art gallery we are having at work. This is based off of a white wine... hopefully i can stand more than a sip of this one seeing that I did an illustration for it. <: )

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thanx Tyrone

I went and saw Tyrone Wells tonight at Plush Cafe out in Downtown Fullerton with a few friends, he was a much needed encouragement on my part. He shared the meaning behind "Dream like New York", a new song from his Hold On album, it is a song about dreams and goals and the passions in your life. And how not to abandon them, and not to let them drown in the 9:00-5:00 week that we sometimes must take.

Use your passions as your calling, is something I always said. But I seemed to have forgotten this over that last year and a half. But not anymore.

Lord please spark the flame in me again, and guide my path and use my talents and gifts for your glory. Help me to die to myself and give up my hindering and self destructive habits, so that I might be freed up to fly and fight for You.

These are some doodles I did while watching Tyrone play. I had a crappy seat and didn't get a good view of him, but fun none the less, and the great thing about music is that you don't need to see it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I was up late working on an illustration for work all while catching up with my TIVO, and I finished 15 mins into an episode of Buffy that happens to be a fav of mine. So this is the doodle I did while watching the duration of the episode.
10 points to anyone who can guess the episode!

If Willow was real I would hunt her down and marry her. I would have my work cut out for me seeing that she is a lesbian witch now... but who doesn't like a challenge?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random Sketches

It is rather disconcerting that some of your most successful sketches are the ones you put so little effort into. Except for the Night Crawler one, because I was in a meeting really focusing on ... the meeting. ¬ _ ¬

Durring a meeting at work.

Durring a meeting at work (yellow note pad is a theme).

Buca De Beppo place mat.
BJ's napkin.