Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Self Doodle

I used to doodle myself all of the time but it has been a while. It’s not that I am vain, but it's just that the only time I get to have super powers, wings, and/or magic is when I am in doodle form.
I did this on Monday during an excellent Bible study, my notes are over-laid on top in blue (I colored it the following day).

And I have noticed I tend to draw myself all thin... wishful thinking I guess.


Jak said...

testing testing. ahem. testing

Brian Growe said...

You're flying without a brom! "Wingardrium Leviosa" right?

frak said...

HA ha! Very good Mr. Growe! 7 points to hufflepuff/ravenclaw/sytherine/grfindore/what ever house you would be in.