Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sixth Year

My blog grew and owl face and head this year.
I am so proud of him.

My Blog is 6 Years old now! How crazy is that?! He would be in first grad making friends with all the other little blog friends out there.

I know I say I want to blog more each year, and lets be honest here, I really do WANT to blog more, but in keeping with the honesty, I don't know how much I will be able to blog this year because work is going to be crazy! And lets face it, that is a good problem to have. :) However I am moving up to LA in a few weeks reducing my 45 mile commute (one way) that I have had for over a year to a 2.6 mile commute! Huzzah!

P.S. I bought a bike to ride to and fro work! #clingclink #bikebellsounds

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Bye bye 2011

Well 2011 is over.

I can't say that I didn't like or enjoy 2011, because it was a great year in many respects. I met so many awesome and powerful people in 2011. Whether it be at work, church, or just life in general. What I can say about 2011 is that, with the freedom and blessing that is hind-sight, I didn't really like myself too much in 2011.

I was extremely lazy and unfocused, and I am ashamed to say that those two adjectives festered into the majority of my life this past year. As I said before it wasn't all bad, but 2010 was such a great year! So epic. Arguably 2011 should have been at least just as awesome and powerful, I mean I serve and love a dynamic Living God. In 2011 I was just slightly productive. I mean just take a look at my blog posts from this past year. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 20!! REALLY?! It says 25 but the last 5 are from me adding the stuff I scanned but never posted. To illustrate my point further, the 5 most recent posts would have been over 35 additional posts. And it only took me the better part of 2 and a half days to clean them up and get them semi-postable. So please enjoy them. :P I wish I just would have got them together sooner.

Here is to a powerful and inspired 2012! If you pray, pray that I seek the Lord in new dynamic ways. That I risk for His Kingdom. That I look for, and see, His beauty everywhere. And most importantly that I learn to Love even more effectively, because without Love I have nothing.