Thursday, March 24, 2011

Church Notes | Faithfulnes is Humility

These are notes from February 6th, Super Bowl Sunday. Every year for the last 4 years I make plans to watch the Super Bowl with some of my best friends. We went back to our friends Matt and Amy's home again this year. They live up in Apple Valley. Before the game and after waffles we to High Desert Church, Matt works there as Graphic Designer. Here are my notes from that sermon. I kind of drew a comicbook-ish Matt. The Owl represents wisdom, which Matt has much of.

That Sundays study was on faithfulness and what it means to be truly and willingly faithful. Basically the more humility you choose to wear the more faithful you will be able to be. My notes, if you can manage to read my chicken scratch, take a certain path. Mainly on reflection; how we view ourselves. And how that reflection effects our hearts and can get in the way of true humility. Maybe I should post an uncolored version too, so the text is a little more legible. :Þ The main point of the sermon was recognizing where to place your worth, and that is at the feet of resurrected and living Christ.