Friday, September 29, 2006

PotterCast in Cali!!

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I had a blast this week hanging with the PotterCast Crew and the Muggle Boys. Here we are sitting on the same steps Ross Gellar sat on when he got on his tux to take out the left behind Rachel Green. We went to DisneyLand and the WB Lott Tour and many much other stuff!!
Thanx again guys!


Listen to their Pod casts;

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


PotterCast,the Harry Potter podcast: Celebrity interviews, theories, discussion and more from the Leaky Cauldron

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Anyone who knows me knows that anything Harry Potter related cause my ear to perk up and turn my head. And when is it done with high standards and quality, all the better! That said I was very happy to find PotterCast this past year on iTunes. Confession; I first listened to MuggleCast and got plugged in to PotterCast when Melissa made a cameo on the afore mentions PodCast. Then I listened to all the the PotterCasts that I had missed. I was an instant fan. And nothing against the "other" PodCast it was nice to see other people my age who are in college full-time, hold down full time jobs, developing careers and are still enthusiastic about the Potter franchise. This kinship of spirt and interests is what hooked, but what makes me come back each week is the awesome content. Very interesting interviews with fans, actors from the movies, people involved with the books development, and even the people who develop the video games as well! And not to mention the subtle humor that pops up every now and again.

It has made my Mondays much brighter. And my work week all the more enjoyable! I am posting to just rant and rave on how much I love the show!

Below is a brief description of the hosts (illustrated above as the Trio by
me ::blush::)

Melissa Skeeter

Heads the brunt of the site (the site being The-Leaky-Cauldron) and is a journalist based in New York. She has a new kitten, and is no way sneaky or mean like Rita Skeeter. I used that character for her because they are both journalists. And I am sure Melissa wouldn't mind trying out a quick quotes quill. :P

John & John Weasley

John is the life of the party so to speak, much like the Weasley twins, hence his picture; he is funny and silly. Like the twins, at first glance they seem to be all about the laughs, but when you look closer you come to find out they have some impressive skills and a bit of intelligence. And come on, who couldn't like someone who is a fan of Arrested Development?

Sue Diggory

Sue is the heart of the group, a true Hufflepuff is there ever was one! That is why she is Sue Diggory, in honor of the late and great Cedric. Sue is always there to get excited about the fun stuff and has supportive things to say even when giving a critique.
And if you didn't notice on her robes up top you might notice a Head Girl badge, thats right Sue you are head girl of Hufflepuff! SQUEEEE!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Life Drawing & Ursulphaba

I am loving my life drawing class. It is so nice to draw the figure from real life and not out of my head. I forgot the subtle nuances the human figure provides. And the interesting similarities that the silhouette and foreshortening have, even thought technically they should really be a stark of each other.

After the bordem kicked into 4th gear.

And to top it off a hybrid drawing of Elphaba and Ursula; Ursulphaba

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ahhhh... (deep breath)

I have finally gotten around to posting. Sorry. Not that I have a huge following or anything. I guess I am apologising to myself. LOL Any who. I am not taking a night class on Tuesdays and Thursday at OCC with some of my best friends from work. They are a hoot and ahalf.

It is so refreshing to draw from the figure again. My my mind stop hurting. Its... freeing. The one bad thing is the professor is teaching the class like we are straight out of Jr. High, so it lags here and there. And he seems to be a bit passive aggressive. Which we all know is a wonderful trait to have n an instructor. But I get to draw, and drawing is what it is; beautiful.

Here are sketches form the sketch book I am keeping for that class. I will take some pictures of the larger drawings later.
Okay all! Thanxs for stopping by.

You might notice a little of my pet interests in there; Harry Potter, Starbucks, Wicked, Comic Books, and Fairies.