Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ahhhh... (deep breath)

I have finally gotten around to posting. Sorry. Not that I have a huge following or anything. I guess I am apologising to myself. LOL Any who. I am not taking a night class on Tuesdays and Thursday at OCC with some of my best friends from work. They are a hoot and ahalf.

It is so refreshing to draw from the figure again. My my mind stop hurting. Its... freeing. The one bad thing is the professor is teaching the class like we are straight out of Jr. High, so it lags here and there. And he seems to be a bit passive aggressive. Which we all know is a wonderful trait to have n an instructor. But I get to draw, and drawing is what it is; beautiful.

Here are sketches form the sketch book I am keeping for that class. I will take some pictures of the larger drawings later.
Okay all! Thanxs for stopping by.

You might notice a little of my pet interests in there; Harry Potter, Starbucks, Wicked, Comic Books, and Fairies.


Ethan said...

Cool stuff. I like your fairies, sketchy makes them look ethereal. Your use of color is sweet.

Anonymous said...
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