Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jak of Spades

This weekend while idly doodling in between candy beings and hanging speakers I ask a friend what I should draw. He suggested I draw him as a Sytherine student from Hogwarts. Being the huge HP nerd that I am I took him up on the offer.

And then yesterday I found the blog of a comic artist I really enjoy, and saw a doodle he did of a playing card. It was the king of hearts. That discover coupled with a fit of madness/procrastination and started to make this doodle of Jak into a JACK. As for the suit... I was not too sure. But I decided to go with Spades. No real reason behind it... other than it being fun. And I figured Sytherines would be spades, if I had to narrow it down I would go onto to say that Gryffindor would be hearts, Ravenclaw Diamonds, and HufflePuff clubs.

Ramble over.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007