Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jak of Spades

This weekend while idly doodling in between candy beings and hanging speakers I ask a friend what I should draw. He suggested I draw him as a Sytherine student from Hogwarts. Being the huge HP nerd that I am I took him up on the offer.

And then yesterday I found the blog of a comic artist I really enjoy, and saw a doodle he did of a playing card. It was the king of hearts. That discover coupled with a fit of madness/procrastination and started to make this doodle of Jak into a JACK. As for the suit... I was not too sure. But I decided to go with Spades. No real reason behind it... other than it being fun. And I figured Sytherines would be spades, if I had to narrow it down I would go onto to say that Gryffindor would be hearts, Ravenclaw Diamonds, and HufflePuff clubs.

Ramble over.


Brandon Starr said...

Very cool Frankie! I hae a long standing fantasy of one day creating my own personal deck of cards, I even went so far as to look into how much it would cost to have them made. Anyway, cards are cool and so is your drawing. We NEED to draw.

jon schneck said...

did you sign your drawling 2008? DUDE you GOTTA hook me up with your time machine!

ps is it a delorean?

Annie said...

Ok, now I want one too. ;)

jon schneck said...

dude, next time you think, what should i draw??? draw me gettng out of a delorean like in the back to the future movie poster, that would be tight.



ps im serious


Kenfield said...

I love this! I wish my random whims would look this kool!!

Andrea said...

I just came to check for a new post with Sydney and she yelled..."That's Jak."