Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I was up late working on an illustration for work all while catching up with my TIVO, and I finished 15 mins into an episode of Buffy that happens to be a fav of mine. So this is the doodle I did while watching the duration of the episode.
10 points to anyone who can guess the episode!

If Willow was real I would hunt her down and marry her. I would have my work cut out for me seeing that she is a lesbian witch now... but who doesn't like a challenge?


Brian Growe said...

Very cool sir! Willow is definitly one of my favorite characters too. I don't know much about Buffy though, is this the one where her evil-vampire counterpart from the other dimension comes to town?

frak said...

you are correct sir! I had it on TIVO last night and HAD to draw it. So... yeah.