Friday, May 30, 2008

PC 154 Doodle

This weeks PotterCast doodle was of the Bat Bogey Hex.

Poor Draco.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frak - saw your sketch on the PotterCast blog, and decided I ought to hunt down your regular blog, and I'm really glad I did! Love the Church notes - do you actually draw them during church? Impressive... (well to those of us who doodle on our bulletins but try to hide them because they're so hideous looking)... Anyway - your sketches blow me away!

hermione1012 said...

Hey frak, I knew I could hear you drawing in Episode 151, I think you were doing the Butterbeer, coffee, Pellegrino and Chipotle burito one :P Sue, Melissa, Frak & John! The best pottercasters EVER.

89ravenclaw said...

love it.

ps. i never hear you sketching on the show, but maybe i'm immune to that noise after so many drawing classes.

Jen said...

Great sketches Frankie- as always.
Don't be a stranger. :)