Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Church Notes | Sex Love & God: week four

I am a few weeks behind in posting these. My apologies, but I have gotten caught up in coloring them that I don't wanna post them until I can play with them on the computer. My being busy with other projects, and my obsession with having to color them have lead to this horrible lag.

Week Four of the this series was on the power of sex. Explaining that the rules and guidelines placed on this union are there to protect us and help us get the most out of it. The pastor uses electricity to illustrate the power and care sex is and needs. I prefer the analogy of fire, its just a bit more romantic and a much rawer example, but I tend to nerd out on these word plays. None the less the principals apply. Sex is something like a fire, when used and expressed in the proper context it is a beautiful and powerful thing. When used in the wrong way it is no less powerful, and without the safeguards outlined for us it can be just as destructive as it is powerful. Like a flame when it grow out of control it will burn and consume. Don't let the world's (aka Hollywood/tabloids/TV/foolish friends/etc,) degrading and denigrate view of what sex should be turn something that is alluring and beautiful into a source of shame and pain. Sex is a very beautiful and sacred thing that deserves much more respect than the world is giving it now.

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