Thursday, May 15, 2008

Church Notes | Sex Love & God: week five

This study was on the restorative power we have from the cross through Christ.

This afternoon while driving to a meeting I gave this study a second listen. What especially spoke to me this time around was the aspect of community. So often we put on our best faces at church, when in reality church is a time and place in our lives where we should be as raw and real as possible. It is simply and issue of honestly, we need to be honest about sin, joy, happiness, sadness, passion, etc. What better place to do it than at church? Our "best faces" only hinder our growth and show our fear and lack of trust in the Lord. What is the worst that can happen, a sideways glance from a pew-neighbor? There is no need to be afraid of judgment, we all have sinned and received grace. Just as we received we all need to return that grace to others in our lives. Be bold, be honest. I say that because this study challenged me. It made me ask, "Can I be more open and vulnerable?" If I can get over my ego and let go of myself I may inspire others to be just as candid. And in turn find other brothers and sisters to come along side me in this long journey we call life.

Lord help me to trust You. Help me to be brazenly honest.

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A Leaf on the Wind said...

I love your style. How I wish I were gifted, artistically, and could express myself the way you do. I like what you wrote about church being a place where we can come raw and honest. No pretense. No charade or facade, but broken and raw. That's what He wants of us.