Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My buddy Fro showed me this hilarious video his buddy made.

It's pretty darn funny. Maybe because I had a similar approach to ministry when I was younger. I thank the Lord for His grace and patience with me. I was very encouraged to see his dedication and excitement to his specific calling. Using his talents and passions for the Lord. To top it off, this message of such importance and of such serious nature, is communicated very effectively and arguably more importantly it is very approachable. All thanks to his humor. Kuddos!!


Anonymous said...

Great video - thanks for passing it along (and I have to agree with you - approachable and funny - how often do we find that in the Church? not enough thats for sure!)

Anyway - just wanted to comment and say how much I enjoy your blog - I found it thanks to PotterCast obviously, but I thoroughly enjoy your other posts, but it seems like sometimes they get ignored by the others in favor of commenting on less thoughtful things, and I just felt I needed to let you know it was all getting read and appreciated.

Amanda said...

That's awesome, and I definitely have to agree with Saya, the approchability factor is definitely something that's missing from the majority of today's churches. Either they've watered The Word down to the point of nothingness, or it's "Turn or Burn!" and no midpoint.
I really hope he's successful in the future, the world needs more people like that. =-)

89ravenclaw said...

Wow, you've been posting a lot lately; I'm not used to having to check the blog so often.

That video was fantastic, 'll put a link in the sidebar sometime this week on the vlog.