Thursday, February 05, 2009


I was talking with a student today about the importance of drawing, " The more you draw the better!" I said. Drawing is like any other skill that you have to practice and work at. The more you do it the better you get at it, the quantity effects the quality. You cant expect to write a symphony the first time you lay fingers on them ivories. The same goes for visual arts, I showed him this example.

I drew this fire candle chick lady person back in February of 1998, my junior year of high school.

I then showed him what 3 years could achieve with this one form January 2001, my second year at Cal State Fullerton. I used oil pastels on this one, and we are just happening to be going over oil pastels in class right now.

To illustrate my point further today after class I drew a new version. I know I drew her a few years back but I cant find that drawing, if I find it ill post it up here. And I was really tickled by the fact that I just happened to look at this drawing exactly 11 years later.


Dennis said...

Great work! You're a great inspiration to me, I wish I could draw as good as you do :D

<3`e said...

Frak, such a long way you've come. Very good work!I'm always doodling in my spare time...just in my early stages of detail. I can't wait to see you newest work!

Amanda said...

Wow, that's quite a progression! I really wish I hadn't quit drawing for so long, but seeing some of your art recently has inspired me to pick up the pencil again and keep going. =-)

Ariel-sizzle said...

Can i just say you are a great inspiration to me. I try to practice every day. I hope that i can someday be as good at drawing as you! Thanks for keeping up this blog!

james ramos said...

this is an awesome post. It's a great example of why we need to keep our old drawings too.