Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kate on the Rocks

I have been listening to The Lost PodCast with Jay and Jack for about a month now, and I am really loving it! From one PodCaster to another, cheers guys! ( I have been on PotterCast for a year now.. weird :P) You do a great job! Last weeks episode Kate washed up on the rocks, so Jay and Jack made a joke about "Kate on the Rocks". I got a very vivid image in my little head so I drew it during class yesterday and today. This drawing was nice and refreshing distraction from the chaos of the students.

Jay and Jack are having a contest to come up with a drink mix. So i drew this and here is my suggestion.

I don't know my way around too much Alcohol seeing as how I don't agree with drunkenness, but I do enjoy a beverage from time to time (and I am obeying the laws of the land seeing that I am over 21)

I would mix whiskey with a dash of sweet & sour.

Kate is classic and tough like Whiskey. The dash of sweet & sour is there because she likes to play with the hearts of us Menfolk. /gentle nod to both Sawyer and Jack


Christy said...

I don't like whiskey, so I wouldn't try this drink, but I love the drawing! I'll have to look into that podcast. I listen/watch the official one from ABC which is also good. Do you subscribe to that one? If not, you should!

Colleen said...

Hey Frak, Jay showed me the drawing before and it's awesome, I think they're going to put it in the AAC version later :) Also, as a 3-year PC listener, you're a kick ass addition to the show!


mariami said...

This is really cool! They mentioned your drawing on the last episode of Jay and Jack, nice to know you're a fan!

Dean O'Carroll said...

My mind is officially blown -- listening to one of my new favorite podcasts, and suddenly here's a mention of one of the hosts of one of my all-time favorites ... very cool. And an excelleny drawing. Bravo, sir!

Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez said...

Hey Frankie, I'm a big Jay and Jack fan, I've been listening since they first started like 3 years ago. It was cool to suddenly hear your name and see your artwork pop up on the AAC feed. I immediately knew it was you, I recognize your style from Fullerton days.

zuzu53 said...

Great drawing! Heard about it on Jay and Jack's Lost Podcast last night and had to come check it out. How weird is it when your favorite Potter podcast sort of "leaks" over into your favorite LOST podcast. Hope to meet you at Azkatraz. Glad Pottercast will be there.

Josh said...

Beautiful drawing Frak!