Monday, February 09, 2009

Church Notes | 2/08/09

During worship the Lord convicted me. Many times I have an anxious heart, looking for something to do, or someone to talk to, I can get very lonely. But the Lord reminded me only He can satisfy. And my goal this week is too see Him and His Satisfaction. Needles to say it was a very powerful evening. But with such an awakening and refreshment of the Holy Spirit comes warfare. And boy have I been subject to the spiritual jabs and bruises. If you pray, throw one up for me.


ocm said...

absolutely...i'm working to set aside time for prayer, which i haven't been doing regularly. i'm feeling the refiner's fire...and man, as much as i'm grateful, it's never actually a 'pleasant' experience.

hope you find peace in him!

89ravenclaw said...

for some reason the illustration in this set of notes made me think of the BFG, where God is the BFG and he carries us around... haha, weird, i know