Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney at Starbucks

It was an interesting evening, I was working on some artwork that looks like it's not gonna be used for what I intended it. So maybe ill post it up here eventually :) But right now I shant. Any who I was at the Starbucks that my future roomie works. I was introduced to a gentleman who works as a History professor at Cal State Fullerton. It turns out that he was a Disney animator for 20 plus years! He worked on just about everything from Oliver and Company to Treasure Planet! It was crazy to be able to talk to a man who worked on stuff that was such a huge part of my childhood. It was cwazy. And I met a new friend names Kelsey, she was cool.


89ravenclaw said...

Do you remiember his name?

It's really cool meeting animators who worked on the stuff that formed all of our childhoods. My 2D animation teacher was a Disney animator; he worked on Phil from Hercules... i can't remember what else... maybe some Beauty and the Beast stuff.

Brandon Starr said...

Lucky! I'm jealous.