Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Which Witch?

I always fall for the fictional girls. Le sigh... Any who because of my regular obsession with Harry Potter and my reinvigorated interest in Buffy I decided to draw two or my all time favorite fictional ladies. I should have added Demona into the mix, but I didn't think of that until right now.

Okay nerd question... Who would win in a brawl Willow or Hermione? I think Hermione knows more, but I would argue Willow has more raw magical power, mind you at one point she did almost destroy the world. Maybe if Hermione recruited Xander she would be to defeat her. Lol I dunno. Now I wanna draw a little comic of Harry, Hermione, and Ron versus Buffy, Willow, and Xander. Oh what fun would that be.


_Shane said...

Actually Shaak Ti could take them both! ;)

Ian said...

Hey this is that artist I was talking about today the guy who does painting and graphic design.

also here is another artist that i think you might dig.

Anonymous said...

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nadia n said...

When I first started reading Luna she talked very similarly to Alyson Hannigan. Then I remembered she's British, but she still acts like her in my head. As for the fight, man I dunno.

Bunny said...

Wow! Your drawings are so good!

Janelle said...

Evil Willow will PWN Hermione =P.

Otherwise Hermione.

Yay Frak. You're a fantastic and lovely person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise =).

Keep on being your brilliant self!