Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

(An old illustration from like 2003, I am away for my computer cut me some slack)

I am up here in the high desert with my family, and as I took a nice hot bath on this wonderful Christmas Eve I began to reflect on what a blessing it is. No matter how "commercialized" or "secular" it has become over the ages it is still a beautiful event. I can't think of any other reason that families and friends flock together, besides the occasional wedding or funeral. There is something simply beautiful and wholesome in loved ones getting together to share a meal. Even if you don't hold ownership in this Religious Holiday you have to admit the good it can do and the beauty it can bring out in people. I know some people dread the holiday season as it can be a very dark and lonely time, but the Lord can use this loneliness. He can reveal that loneliness for what it is, a void in their life. A void Christ can fill. Christ's premier ministry on Earth was so powerful we still to this day feel the echoing power of His words and teaching...He split time.

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