Friday, December 07, 2007

The Coffee Dilemma

Last week when I went into my local Starbucks and got my regular: a dopio espresso over ice. While adding a splash of cream to my dopio I took two napkins (Normally i don't take any napkins when I am drinking a cold drink, there is just no need). I get back to my car unlock the door and sit down in the drivers seat. I then turn my attention to my next task, moving an old Starbucks cup out of the way. I am moving the old coffee cup attempting to make room for my fresh cup of coffee. Apparently I angered that old cup from the night prior. In an act of childish misbehavior it decided to spill the remaining few drops of milk onto my passenger seat. I said to myself "Oh crap, milk! No, wait... OLD MILK!" In this panic I then I remembered that I had the two napkins! I was equipped to handle this little mishap! Take that you old coffee cup from the night prior! I know that I may be hyper-spiritualizing the situation, but to be frank (no pun intended) I don't care. It jogs along side of scripture in priceable; The Lord will not give us more than we can handle. And before we panic we need to look for what He has placed in our lives to help us over come these trials.

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89ravenclaw said...

Yeah, I hate it when I stress out and panic over things. In the moment of panic you forget that God's already taken care of your biggest problem, of course he has your small problems covered too!