Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Year

They grow up so fast.
One year and 52 posts later my Blog is now one 12 months old.

While hanging out with my roommates and our friends Matt and Justin I drew this little illustration to commemorate this momentous event! When I got home I scanned and colored it, this is a new style I am trying out, and I'm liking it thus far.

The little guy with a hat is my Blog. I didn't know what blog looked like when it take corporal form until tonight. And golly they're cute :3

Well here is to another year of blogging! And hopefully more than 52 this year.


Ryan said...

Verrih nahce.

fatty said...

wow... 52 posts. I avereage like, one every 2-3 months. And sadly, it's 1 a day for a week, then a year of nothing. :( I am honored to know you.

Brandon Starr said...

LOL your blog would be cute!

Babette said...

I saw your 'Blog' on Threadless and thought it was adorkable :)