Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lost Drawing

In an attempt to work on some illustrations that I need to finish, like oh yesterday, of course I drag my feet. And while dragging said feet I found this random drawing I never posted.

It was based on a writing my friend
Sarah did. I will try and find it.
And I did so here it be.

I had coffee with a friend tonight. There were these little girls there obviously bored and waiting for their mom’s endless chatter to wrap up or at least continue in a place more appealing to them. After they came to the realization that neither of these was going to happen they began to do what many bored children do….play make believe. We watched these two little girls transform into their fantasies, leaving the atmosphere of Starbucks far behind them. In the course of an hour, they went from princesses to moms to movie stars. Anywhere their imagination took them, they willingly followed. As their giggles and quiet games turned into incessant laughter and rambunctious play, their moms tried unsuccessfully to say good bye, only to resume their conversation in the parking lot.

We got to talking after they left about the child-like faith kids have. Sure kids ask why a lot, but not to the important things. They willingly and without question believe in Santa, God, fairy tales, heroes, and grown ups. It’s not until they are older that the realities of the world urge them to question all that they had once so adamantly believed. They learn that sometimes heroes don't defeat the villain, that the knight in shining armor really does only exist in the movies, and that even the very best grown up will let you down. When is it that this changes? How do we go from believing in the impossible to questioning the things in plain sight in front of us? When do we not only lose faith in those around us, but also lose faith in ourselves? When do we stop reaching for the stars and instead start accepting the dreams of others?

Do the fairy tales really not exist, or are we just cheating ourselves out of them, failing to see the beauty and possibility of our dreams?

"Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed." - G.K Chesterton

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