Friday, January 05, 2007

"Today's blog is brought to you by 'Mindlessness'"

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Some doodles I did today and yesterday. The first two are scribbles i turned into a doodle. It was a lot of fun. And surprisingly harder than I anticipated. A special "shout-out" to Grace Alba and Diana Roberts for supplying me with the random scribbles. Without them none of this would have been possible. Grace scribbled the "8-ish" thing that turned into the Octopus woman. And Diana did the "swabbley" one that turned into the Emo-Vampire Prince guy.

These little guys are for a Valentines project I am working on.
They are supposed to be some dwarfs from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that Gilderoy Lockhart hired to deliver Valentine cards to the kids at Hogwarts. If you read HP which is better suited for those characters? A or B?

And this lady down here was a mindless doodle I did on the table cloth (relax it was paper) at dinner last night with my pal Danny.
I liked her head/face so much I tore it off. But we lingered and talked so long I drew in her body, and I am sad to say we both suffered for that mistake. Okay mindless jabbering to go with mindless doodles. 

I guess today's blog was brought to you by "Mindlessness". 

P.S. Wonder Showzen is evil.

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Anonymous said...

haha! i've said it once and i'll say it again... i love what you do! :)

and between the two cupids... i honesty like them both... but if your going for COS... i'd go with cupid A.