Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Years

Another year gone by, a few inches taller, a deeper voice and a total of 132 posts. My blog is now TWO!!
He is gett'n so big! Next year I told him he can have his first boy-girl party, he is looking forward to it.

My goal
last year was to make more that 52 posts, and with a total of 79 posts I beat last year by a whopping 27 posts!!! [make sure to read that like Oprah would"TWENTY--SEV-EN POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSTS!!!"]

Here is to next year, and to beating my record by more than 27 posts!
Here here!


_Shane said...

Aww we should all get our Blogs together and have a little Birfday party! ;)

Andrea said...

Congrats. I love reading your blog so the more posts the merrier.