Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"Deep Old Magic"

An acquaintance of mine, who is a brilliant artist that I blog-stock, wrote something that put a huge smile on my face. If you know me even casually I think you will understand why, it's something that I always thought of, but could never really put into words.

"I found some old Biola notes called 'Playing with Fire' concerning God's word where the author reminded me that the bible is the word of the almighty creator that is not only special in that way but is also infused with power to transform those who read it. I'd forgotten the meaning of this. I've been feeding off this Word now for a week or something, just sucking it up and I found myself musing tonight while brushing my teeth that I had in the bible an ancient magical book in my possession. Then I scolded myself because the thought occurred to me that I was spicing my idea of the bible up, making it sound cooler so that I'd want to read it more. Then, another thought followed that one. This time I thought, what are you saying? You're not spicing it up. God's word is magic! If anything in this world was to fit the definition of magic then the word of God would be it! I mean good grief, this is deep old magic we're talking about. And then I remembered reading that phrase in the Narnia books by Lewis. Aslan talks of deep old magic, and it hit me that Lewis got it. Those words contained in the bible on my nightstand are deep magic indeed and very very old. The gospel of John says "in the beginning was the word ...". The word is ancient. God's word was before creation. God's word is as eternal as he is. Isn't this incredible?"

Thank you Hethe!


Andrea said...

Very poetic and such a reminder of the power of that Book we sometimes overlook. Thanks for sharing.

james ramos said...


even just in the name.... JESUS!
Demons tremble.. prayers get answered... souls saved...

way to get the word out.