Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Magical Me

Cool skinnier me with my magic wacom-tablet-pen-wand.

I has magics.

Here are some doodles I did during church on Sunday evening.
Doodling helps me concentrate :)

And then I drew these during my Monday night meeting, again doodling helps me concentrate.


Ryan said...

"Doodling helps me concentrate!"

Yeah. On the DEVIL!

_Shane said...

I wish I could find something... anything that helps me concentrate!

jon schneck said...

did u ink your wacom magic pen sketch with your magic wacom pen, or did you do it pre digi tales?


89ravenclaw said...

i'm slightly worried that your eyes are glowing red..... have you been making horcruxes? or maybe drawing them with your magic pen?

Kenfield said...

Wow! You look hot!
Drawing and concetration, your own yin and yang.
- Josh and Katie