Monday, February 04, 2008

Blog Roll

Last year when my blog reached the age of one he got a very special birthday present. Know what it was? Corporeal form! Form that day on I said I would help my friends blogs take shape as well! This past weekend I was finally able to muster up enough strength to do it. It's funny how motivating football and cookies can be.

This is Brandon my brothers Blog.
He too is fond of wicker hats.

This is Ryan Agadonis blog.
He too is fond of monkeys... he is a blog-monkey.

This is Jon Schnecks blog.
He too can rock-out on the banjo.

This Shane Mulhollands blog.
He also like to talk about movies and is fond of the Olympics.

This is Andrea Mulhollands blog.
She too knows how to sew it up nice and good.

This is Matt Curtis' blog.
He too likes to take pictures of nature.

This is Amy Curtis' blog.
She too is fond of the knitting.

And this is a more personalized version of my blog.
Well in fact when blogs get to be two years and four days old they take on the characteristics of thier creators :)
I bet
you didn't know that. :P


jon schneck said...

i look pretty in your picture. ps, i had my kid! check my myspace for a pic. later dude.


Andrea said...

I just love them! lol So much fun and now we can have blog parties.

Ryan said...

Love 'em.

Amy said...

I feel honored to be on the roll!

Kenfield said...

These are wonderful Frankie! I've always wondered what a Blog looked like.

Brandon Starr said...

Can I please have a blog too? Please! Pleeeeeeeaaaase! You can make mine dead or dying since I hardly post as much as I should lol.