Wednesday, February 03, 2010

R004 Doodles

Some drawings I have done these past few months at my stint at Apple.

This here is my buddy Dj.
This is supposed to be Britney...
Here is Kelly.
This drawing of Jessica is one of my favorites.
I did these 3 when I was in Downtown Fullerton with some work peoples...

last and most definitely not least Francisco (...thats fun to say.)
This is of Bill Rachael and Matt as cats. It was 3:45 am at a Denny's after we saw the midnight showing of Avatar.

And these last two I did during an all store meeting. I drew all my managers, minus one that was not in my line of sight.
I colored this one and added the quote as a good bye gift to our senior store manager. We all miss him.


Lara said...

Frak I like your charicatures! They are so fun. I also like that quote on the bottom of that last pic.

I love seeing your art, please keep posting!

_Shane said...

Stint? Are you leaving?!

Brandon Starr said...

Your faces are getting better and better.

frak said...

"stint" thus far :)