Saturday, February 06, 2010

Church Notes | Woes & Warnings

I drew this guy at church b/c a friend of mine at work was talking about grim reapers.
So I was playing with that imagery while listening to the service.

What stood out to me was the need to keep Christ in the center, it is way too easy for us to loose sight of Him in all our rules and regulations. We need to be focused on the holy spirits leading, so that we don't let a blessing turn into a curse. Nothing is beautiful out side of the Lords will.


Ian Jacobson said...

thanks a bunch for the kind words. I am going to Laguna College of art and Design. I still live in Fullerton so if you want to meet up that would be great!

Brandon Starr said...

Love the skull face, and darkness. There's some nice mass developed here with a lot of black.