Thursday, February 25, 2010

Church Notes | Contradiction

A few months back we had a series at church about living a life that demands an explanation. Living a life that makes people ask why, but in the best way possible. For the christian, like myself, we need to live in contradiction to the world, in the macro and the micro. In what we plan to do with our lives, and with what we plan to do with our day. So often we can be consumed by two things. One would be indifference, not caring about our lives and the lives of others around us, living for each fleeting second. Secondly would be intimidation, we drown in all the problems of the world not knowing what to do or wear to start, allowing past and future problems prevent you from doing anything in the present. Living with contradiction in mind will help in both cases, it's an easy and effective step to walking against the World, which is one step closer to the Lords will and design for you. Which in my opinion is a very good thing. :D

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Madeline said...

Great things to keep in mind, Frak! Beautiful picture as well. :)