Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

Keeping the tradition alive, this is the witch I made up, her name is candy.
Her legs are horribly drawn, but I had to get this up today. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Jorb

I got a new job, but I must be sly about what it is. Because they are picky with what we can post about it online. All I am gonna say is that it is awesome! And I love it so far. A few weeks ago I had a few days of training where I had to sit down, and be quiet, and listen. When I have to do that for more than a few hours I tend to get antsy. But it all goes away if you gimme a piece of paper, a napkin, or a coaster and a pen or pencil. Then the doodles just spill out.

I had fun drawing my fellow trainees, random doodles, and on the back of coasters.

Casey, Drew, and Miryha.

Coasters of Medusa, a lady, and the Cheshire Cat.

Me with a mohawk and Medusa.

There were more in and will be more in this very here blog.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jim Henson Studios

I got to work at Jim Henson Studios!!
Nuff said!

This was so cool! It was originally the Charlie Chaplin lot. It's old school Hollywood and nearly 100 years old. So far I have freelanced there 3 days. I hope to go back for more, cuz I love it, and the people are awesome.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boomerang Wallet

A lot has happened to me in the past few weeks. I got a new job! I have watched every single episode of Seinfeld! I freelanced at Jim Henson a few times! And now something that doesn't really merit an explanation-point. I lost my wallet, not once but twice!

The first time it was gone for over 3 weeks. After the first 2 weeks I figured it was a lost cause. About a week later I get a call form my parents, someone had sent them my wallet!! What is especially strange is that my parents address is no where to be found in my wallet! I have no idea how or why they sent it to my parents house. I was so happy! Everything was still there, from my drivers license to my Disney Land celebration card. I was a happy camper. But little did I know that there were mischievous pixies out to get me! I got my wallet back on a Wednesday, that following Saturday i managed to lose it AGAIN!!! I felt so stupid!!! It was horrible. I went on a hunting spree but I was unable to find it. I figured no one is lucky enough to get their wallet back twice. So I was really bummed. That following Thursday I get another phone call from my Mother telling me that 24 hour Fitness called and said someone found my wallet at Starbucks and that Starbucks still had it! I hightailed it over to the S-bucks and got me my wallet back for the 2 time within one week. How crazy is that?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Champer | Comic Sorting

Chamber was a hard one for me to sort. My first instinct was Hufflepuff, but that was only because he is kind of a loner, but on further thought I realized he wasn't a loner who wanted to belong, he was fine being on his own. So I went with Gryffindor. When your superpower causes your chest, jaw, and all the insides of that area you explode off of your body it takes a certain degree of bravery to keep going. He steps up to the plate when he needs to. He also has a lot of Slytherin in him too, but his power looks like fire, so yeah. ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emma Frost | Comic Sorting

Emma is %110 Slytherin. Not just because she was a bad guy, but because of what she did while she was a bad guy. She had no hesitation whatsoever in using her psychic powers to manipulate people to do what ever she wanted. And even now as one of the good guys she skated that line. Basically you don't wanna push her, she will only take so much before the claws come out. Basically Emma and Narcissa would get along swimmingly.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jean Grey | Comic Sorting

There is no getting around this one, Jean Grey-Summers is a total 100% Gryffindor. She is pretty much Lilly in mutant form :). Too bad the colors of the Dark Phoenix are Red and Gold. I swapped the placement of the colors so that you wouldn't assume she was in evil Dark Phoenix mode, and it was a weak attempt to make her costume a little different.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Owls Are Out!

The Owls are out. The Holiday delayed the sending out just a tad. So all of you who ordered keep an eye on the sky and look for the Owl I sent your way. And for those who haven't ordered one yet there are only 18 left! So get hopping if you want one :) If not, no worries!

In other news I am in talks with a friend of mine to do some hand made hard cover sketch books soon. They should be done and ready in time for Christmas. These handmade ones will probably be a limited run as well, maybe only 20 this time. I also plan on making some smaller ones that are cheaper. And I have a few other ideas too, so keep an eye on this blog for some fun stuff in the near future. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harley & Ivy | Comic Sorting

I have been on this Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kick ever since Friday. So I drew this while recording PotterCast today, only thing is that it didn't have much to do with Potter. And by not much I really mean NOTHING! But you see I got this brianwave! What if I sort comic characters into the Hogwarts houses and then redesign their costumes into the color schemes of that house! I know a lot of you aren't a huge fan of sorting, but I am :P And I am a huge comic book nerd, s its really just win-win for me. I dunno how many I will do, or how often, but I might try and do a few more.

Harley is a hard hitting Hufflepuff. Fun loving but you don't wanna mess with her. She would have given Cedric a run for his money. Being a Psychologist in her past life she would have probably faired well in Ravenclaw as well.

As for Ivy I sorted her into Ravenclaw. It seems to just fit her, smart, collected, clever. She is almost a Slytherin, but that would make a boring drawing, because she is already in Slytherin colors. This is just more of a gut thing, but I would put good money on the fact that she would have been sorted into Ravenclaw at 11.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Napkin Doodles

I went out to Huntington with some friends tonight to watch the Cardinals and Dodger game. I left my sketchbook in the car, but still did some doodling, on what you might ask? Well if you read the title of this Blog Post you know very well that I drew on napkins. T'was fun, thanks guys!


And the prize of the evening is this gem! ;)

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Your heart is very powerful but delicate. It can give you wings or tear you apart. Do not shut it up in cupboard, letting it wither from neglect. Do not give it away freely letting it drown in negligence. But seek the balance. That delicate and powerful balance will keep the strings of your heart in order and untangled.