Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Owls Are Out!

The Owls are out. The Holiday delayed the sending out just a tad. So all of you who ordered keep an eye on the sky and look for the Owl I sent your way. And for those who haven't ordered one yet there are only 18 left! So get hopping if you want one :) If not, no worries!

In other news I am in talks with a friend of mine to do some hand made hard cover sketch books soon. They should be done and ready in time for Christmas. These handmade ones will probably be a limited run as well, maybe only 20 this time. I also plan on making some smaller ones that are cheaper. And I have a few other ideas too, so keep an eye on this blog for some fun stuff in the near future. :)


89ravenclaw said...

i love how you added the stamped packaging

Maggie said...


I might just camp out by the mailbox.

Not that I wouldn't seem a bit eccentric (or cold, since it might snow again)..... but woot!

ふ た ご said...

Nice package... :P

Curious Mind said...

Wow those sold very quickly--over 80 already sold! Very happy for you!

Maggie said...

Frankie, I came home yesterday after a stressful day at work (while simultaneously battling the Cold Virus of Doom) to find my new sketchbook waiting for me. It brightened my day considerably, let me tell you! I especially love my original sketch, and was so excited to find out I was #25!! Wahoo! So thanks for all your hard work- it is appreciated. I can't wait for the next one!

ocm said...

Mine arrived...and it's great. I already have kids asking to go through it and see your work!

Too bad the Postmen didn't care better for it before it arrived to my home.

I love that you included sketches from all aspects of your life...very, very nice!!

: )