Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Jorb

I got a new job, but I must be sly about what it is. Because they are picky with what we can post about it online. All I am gonna say is that it is awesome! And I love it so far. A few weeks ago I had a few days of training where I had to sit down, and be quiet, and listen. When I have to do that for more than a few hours I tend to get antsy. But it all goes away if you gimme a piece of paper, a napkin, or a coaster and a pen or pencil. Then the doodles just spill out.

I had fun drawing my fellow trainees, random doodles, and on the back of coasters.

Casey, Drew, and Miryha.

Coasters of Medusa, a lady, and the Cheshire Cat.

Me with a mohawk and Medusa.

There were more in and will be more in this very here blog.


Katherine said...

A new jorb, huh? How exciting! What's a "jorb", exactly?

Brandon Starr said...

Must know what it is!!!! Count on a call from me this week.

Belindah said...

Awesome. Your Cheschire Cat is brilliant. I love your work.