Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Napkin Doodles

I went out to Huntington with some friends tonight to watch the Cardinals and Dodger game. I left my sketchbook in the car, but still did some doodling, on what you might ask? Well if you read the title of this Blog Post you know very well that I drew on napkins. T'was fun, thanks guys!


And the prize of the evening is this gem! ;)


hallo said...

when they're larger, you can see the napkin texture/print - very cool. the glasses are my fave :)

The Vagabond said...

That's so awesome, Frak! I wish I had your skill! I can't ever seem to draw faces. They usually look like monkeys or something so whenever I want to draw people they are usually face-less. :-(

Sarah Wilkes said...

These are very very cool, Frak! I especially like the drink before and after, as well as the close-up on the guy in the hat with his beard colored in. Makes me wish you did graphic novels. Maybe you need to talk to my old college friend Jake Black.

Curious Mind said...

How'd you color the pictures? Photoshop?