Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight Fanart?

Twilight Fanart?

Yeah that's right everyone the day after Thanksgiving I went with my friend Erica to see Twilight.
Alice struck my fancy, so later that evening I took some time to doodle her. I have never read the books so I dunno how "accurate" this is, but it was fun none the less.

What can i say? I have a thing for quirky redheads.


shllybkwrm said...

In the book she actually has black hair, but she's still really cool. One of my favorite characters too :).

ocm said...

If you decide to read the books...I'd love to see how your image might change.

This is an excerpt that was removed from the book that gives a nice description of her. I think she is one of the best characters to read in a long time.

Happy Christmas!!
: )