Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I ♥ NY

New York was a blast! I had so much fun but in light of all that fun I didn't get much drawing done. I did go to Central Park but it was raining, so I didn't get to sit down and draw in the park. To be honest I had so much fun exploring, getting lost, and walking in the rain that I don't think I would have draw given the opportunity.

Alex Carpenter on the Subway.

Lizzie was on the Subway too.

Mista John Noe was there too, aka Strudel.
And A crappy version of Alex >:P

This one of the tree and Asian-Melissa I did at Melissa's reading at the Barnes and Noble in Columbus Circle.

And then I did this last one while my flight was delayed 4 times.

I really do love New York. It's awesome.
I wanna go back and soon.

I'll post some actual pictures from my trip soon. I got some good ones. :)


<3`e said...

Everyone loves New York City...but not Upstate Ny. It was so cold today I thought my toes froze as I was walking home! And people were wear SHORTS! Frak you're lucky sunny Cali.
And I can't wait to see pictures(:
HAHA! Alex is crappy looking! Frak that is love!

Vesper said...

Love your drawings! Even your 'crappy' drawings are so much better than what I could draw! (They don't look crappy to me!)
And I was keeping tabs on your Twitter when you were saying your flight was delayed. FOUR TIMES?! That would have driven me crazy!

Lizzie said...

wonderful drawings! I really love the one of me. :)
and your "crappy" one is like a billion times better than my best drawing. Which is why I'm so fascinated by your art. :)

Christy said...

It was great to see you again, Frankie...even thought we haven't met I have SEEN you in New York twice. Ok, now I sound like a stalker. One of these days I'll introduce myself and then I won't be creepy...I promise.

Sarah said...

Your subway story on PotterCast was hilarous. Bye now! Bye!