Sunday, October 26, 2008

"No One Else Can Satisfy"

Tonight at church there was a study on The 2 Kingdoms, (notes and doodles from tonight's service to come in it's own post), the closing song is what prompted the title of this post. When I wrote this over a month ago it was originally going to be called, "Without" or "Void", but I wouldn't post it until I finished the illustration. I am thankful for my stubborn nature in this case because this new title suits the sentiment of the post much better.

Is it worth it to be without? So many people "experience" so much more than me. Living and growing up in a Godly home has its own dangers. If you are not careful many of the blessings that you have grown up with that have been constants and that were hard earned by the structure and sacrifice of a Godly home can devolve into assumptions. That deception can be very dangerous, allowing you to slip into the trap that everyone else has these blessings, and in this skewed perspective you see the world as having their cake and eating it too. Overlooking all the hard work and sacrifice your friends, family, and other loved ones have invested. It is key to remain in the Word on a regular basis and have a constant prayer life.

This will equip you with a Godly perspective in a world with a corrupt paradigm. Remember it boils down to trust, do I trust the Lord? Let me first ask if I can trust someone if I don't have a relationship with? Am I developing my relationship with he Lord? Or are we stagnate friends who see each other but once or twice a year? When the Lord tells me that that flame over there is dangerous and hot, despite its beauty do I have to burn my hand to know receive that as truth? Is it worth the blister to feel it's "warmth"? I have lived a life where I have tried submit my desires to the Lord, and I as of late I have grown very tired. I need the Lord more than ever, I need Him so much it hurts. He is like air to me now, which is awesome, but at the same time when I am selfish and stupid and separate myself from Him with sin in my life I feel the sting even more now.

Lord I thank you so much for the blessings you have given me in a wonderful family, powerful friendships, and a Church that I find refuge. I love you so much, and please let me not be swayed when I see the world frolicking in sex, bathing in alcohol, and sleeping in apathy. Help me to know each of these come with a price, and You have bought me with your Blood. And Your blood is worth so much more then these tedious and worldly joys.

I love You.

Help me.


Lizzie said...

I don't know what to say, but I feel I must say something. Just wanted you to know that you touched me with this post.
Thank you.

Sarah Lupin said...

I just want you to know that you inspire me and encourage me. I can't think of a eloquent enough response to word what I'm actually thinking right now, but it's just basically that the Lord works in mysterious ways. After the past week especially, it just gives me chills to know that God uses people in ways such as this. I have been struggling so much lately, and after today I was just to the breaking point. Going through my nightly routine of checking all the sites I go on (Facebook, Youtube, blogs, etc.) I just decided to check and see if you had written anything lately, and lo and behold here was this post. It was the exact thing I needed to hear right now. Maybe it's just comforting to know that there are other humans sharing the same feelings and going through the same things, but no matter what the explanation, God just works is great and mysterious ways.
Thank you for posting this.

Rosianna said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear right now and it helped me. Thank you.

Smily said...

Frak younger children will look up to you and wish that you were their older brother. Your've touched not just one heart but MILLIONS! Mine is one of them(:
I thank you for being amazing!