Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Jacques Carnival

Chuck and Courtney got married today! It was a beautiful wedding and awesome reception! And by awesome I mean AWESOME! It was a carnival, ferris wheel and all! So cool! They had game and prizes! I used all my tickets from the games to get Starbucks Gift Certificates! The only down side is that I spent too much time at the games and such that I didn't dance at all...

(Horrible picture of me, but its the only one I got with the happy couple.)

I drew the posted for the carnival as my wedding present to them...

...sorry if that comes off as cheap.

And to top it off I got a caricature done! :D


Smily said...

Frak you are the most amazing artist ever<3 You are so going in my blog(:

Pnut said...

What a wonderful present to the couple. I'm glad that the day pulled together so nicely. Cheers!