Friday, October 10, 2008

The Heroic "Villan"

Today I had to turn a student in for something pretty serious. Part of me didn't want to, I wish I could have just made it better myself. A small part of not wanting to was because I didn't want him hating me. I didn't want him to see me as a villain. But I realized that in this case I am going to have to be the bad guy to do the right thing. I just hope i a few years he understands that I was honestly trying to help him.

Being a sub sucks sometimes... I get attached to these darn kids.


Ian Jacobson said...

what did he doo?! i gotta know. was it at sunny hills?

_Shane said...

Sounds a lot like how we feel as parents when we have to dicipline our children. Hard to do but we do it because we love them. My Mom used to always tell me that and it frustrated me. I understood what she was saying and what she meant but I would remain frustrated and sometime bitter. It wasn't until I had a child of my own that I understood what she meant on an emotional level. I love and respect my parents all the more now for sticking to their guns for my sake. As hard as it was you did the right thing Frankie and one day he will appreciate what you did for him.

Lizzie said...

you did the right thing. :)

89ravenclaw said...

don't feel bad, you did the right thing. Also, as a teacher don't get too caught up in the kid's liking you. Think back to when you were a student, most of the time the teacher was just a teacher.

Kevin said...

Awww, Frak. Don't feel bad. Most of us young-ins think all subs are brick walls and incapable of EVER possibly knowing anything, at all. So, when such an 'incompetent' person catches us we will hate them.

We'll convince our friends that we've done no wrong and the sub has conspired against us. And we will most likely never truly forgive the sub. And then we realize that the sub didn't do anything wrong at all and that we were just arrogant little brats.

Don't feel guilty. In the end if it was for our own good we'll appreciate it.