Saturday, November 24, 2007

United Hollywood

Last week my friend Abbie and I went down to the WGA picket lines, it was a wonderful experience.

Our journey went as follows, we met at BIOLA at 5:30 am and went over to Panera to get a tote of hazelnut coffee and then to Yum Yum Donuts and got 2 dozen donuts. We were on the road by 6:30am, despite the traffic we had some wonderful fellowship about our faith, future careers, and a possible calling into the entertainment industry. We arrived in Burbank around 7:50am, and our first stop was the Warner Brothers Studios lot. This is where we met some very nice writers. A huge surprise for me was when I got to meet Paul Feig, creator of Freaks and Geeks (a wonderful TV show that was woefully unappreciated). We then headed out to NBC Studios were we met the Ellen show writers and the Jay Leno show writers. They were all appreciative of the coffee and donuts and explained that they were just holding out for rights on the digital media, they compromised on the DVD sales, but they have to hold their grounds on this digital media stuff... the studio claim to be making no money off of it, but it's simply not true. Our last stop was to the ABC/Disney lot. This was a lively bunch complete with mega phone, chanting, marching, and song! It was very fun. Abbie and I spoke with a writer who explained that they hate to be in this position. She gave Abbie and I some "United Hollywood" red and black bracelets to show out support. She went onto explained to us how them not working effects other cast and crew members, but it's the stubbornness of the few suits who hold the power who are doing the real damage. If these few suits would just realize they are milking these people for their talent on a loophole and man-up to their responsibility. They should just be grateful that they got away with it for as long as they did. It's sad to see all of the selfishness that is brought out for the love of money... stolen money.

Writers do not grow weary in doing this good, the public is on your side.

Here is a series of illustrations I am starting. They are of iconic Movie and TV characters with empty word bubbles, symbolizing that without the writers these characters would have nothing to say... they would could not exist.
I am calling it Speechless. If you have any good ideas and suggestions please leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi. :)

You should do a photo of some comedic acts like Jack Black.. etc. But do them in a in a specific memorable scene, so they're easy to place and remember. I love the E.T. one. :) That's a really great idea!

I'm Sarah, by the way. Nice to meet you. :)

ANA-ALICiA said...

very cool Frankie, I love the concept of the empty voice bubbles-also the fact that most of the general public knows where the characters are from speaks in & of itself...considering this country is so entertainment driven. nice.

Rita said...

I love it Frak, you're so clever.

It would be funny to do a Lost one. You know, lost. Haha.