Thursday, November 01, 2007


A few weeks ago some good friends of mine from The Leaky Cauldron were invited by special invitation to meet J. K. Rowling in New York. I was able to write Ms. Rowling a letter, and a small doodle, they were kind enough to pass the letter onto her! This made me very happy! Who knew that I was such a nerd.

Did you know that I like cats too?


Breana said...

Frak your wrote that letter perfectly (i'd be afraid of writing rubbish)

I'm really glad to mentioned the Christian thing. It's about time someone thanked her for that, it seems so over looked.

Just to let you know, I'm glad that you are an open Christian HP fan, it's great to know they're out there, especially when they connected with big names like Leaky.

Lauren said...

"A little doodle"

Dude, you're like the best artist ever.