Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scary Dream

Last night I was hanging out with my roomates and our friend Matt. Our conversation wondered to the shooting at V Tech on April 16, 2007 and just murder in general. And what it takes for someone to get to that point. And that is the only logical reason I can come up with to explain the dream I had last night, and even then it dosent make much sense. But it scares me that I would come up with stuff like this on my own... :(

Drawing #1 Drawing #2

Okay the dream opens with me in a house chasing someone. My brother Brandon and my roomate Ryan were there with me. It was very dark and we were chasing a zombie of sorts, weaving and winding through the house. I lead him to a door way where I somehow knew (dream logic) that my brother or Ryan (cant recall who) would be waiting on the other side of the door. The door opens and Brandon/Ryan was there with this massive saw-blade-gun (see drawing #1). He runs the gun through the Zombie into me! I protest, and he replies, "It's okay don't worry about it". When the zombie is dead I am left with 3 massive cuts (see attached drawing #2). The statement that, "It's okay" somehow brings me comfort and is all the reason I need to know why this mortal wound is not killing me.

Now I am covered in blood and need a shower. And I am apparently in my parents house because on my way to the shower I go through their bedroom into their bathroom. I then decide not to take a shower in there b/c I don't want to wake them up. I don't want to worry them about my massive dripping wounds. So I go outside to the shower and bath in the garden(WTEff?). We have a HUGE yard with hedges and such, and I can see the street far off into the distance, so I don't want to shower in the open so I opt for the bath.

Around now the panic sets in. Not that I am going to die, but that the nerves in my right arm might be severed. Which then would mean that I couldn't draw anymore. This thought coupled with the gory situation and being covered in blood finally starts to pull me out of sleep. My waking up process was so slow that I didn't realize it was all a dream until I was almost sitting up in bed (at 5:30am). Normally things of this nature are so obserd that I know its fake. But this was so real to me that I woke up from it in a slow panic.

P.s. I drew this for Ian's (my other roomate) Birhtday.
He likes Rosters and Warriors. :Þ


LiSa said...

that was some dream! and i know what you mean when you wake up and you don't know what was real and what wasn't.
a few weeks ago i had one that connceted to another dream i had about 5 months before that... and as short as can be put... in the 1st dream i had murdered someone and got away. then in this last one there was another murder, that i had NOTHING to do with, but it happened at my job and the detective that was handling this case was the one that handled mine so when he saw me he thought it was me. he even told me that he knew i had done the last murder, "there might have not been enough evidence. but believe you me. things will come up. and i will be there to arrest you." this scared the poop out of me! all i thought was, what if he's right and years from now when i'm married and have kids all of sudden one day he's gonna bust me and take me away from my family. it was a HORRIBLE feeling. when i woke up that day i had to think if i had really killed anyone... it just felt real. ::shakes::

_Shane said...

Craziness!! Remember all the discussions of dreams back in the day... Flying, Jumping, etc... Those are the fun ones, especially if you can get control of it before you wake up.

I'm surprised this one was absent of magic for you.