Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy the Easter to all!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and took some time to realize why we celebrate "Easter". Despite the over commercialization of the Easter Bunny, and the somewhat-adopted and semi-mingled pagan practices thanks to Constantine's actions circa ad.313 (ish). Today we celebrate that Jesus did die on the cross for us, and that he rose from the grave, cementing his title as the Christ. All the reasons and arguments you may have with this as a "Christian" holiday or not, the fact remains that many people are much more open to hear and discuss spiritual topics on days such as this. And weather its on the right day of our calander or the Roman calander, or if it should or shouldn't line up with Passover. As long as you are celebrating Christs love and sacrifice with the right heart and intentions I think you're safe. Remember that Christ looks at the heart, and that applies to the evil intentions as well as the good ones.


jon schneck said...

well said... were headed to so cal if you want to come to a show, check out our calendar and let me know, ill get you tix. later bro. happy easter!

Will said...

The Easter bunny never left me an egg that looked that good. That's a design worthy of a t-shirt.

frak said...

Thank you guys.
I appreciate the comments!