Monday, April 02, 2007

Comic Pages 1-3

Here are some comic pages that I am working on. I am pretty proud of these, except the last 3 panels (which I eventually plan on redoing). I did these pages over the course of a day and a half. About 20 hours into it, I have to admit, that I lost a little steam. It was very humbling for me to experience that, I got to a point where I wanted to leave it for a few hours, maybe even a day. I would eventually like to work in comics as penciler, it was good for me to experience this brick wall, took some of the glamor out of it. It is hard work. But I knew I couldn't stop! I had a deadline! And these pages were for a meeting with Darkhorse Comics! I have to do this!! So after 22 hours and three crappy panels later I finished. "Wow..." I thought to myself, " I was able to get it done, and on time." I even did another page the following evening after work.

If this gets picked up (70% chance that it will!!) I am going to have to dedicate like a whole sketchbook to guitars and other instruments. I don't know how to draw them so well. :)


jon schneck said...

hey man. do u buy blue line boards or do you just use regular paper and draw out demensions?


frak said...

I draw out my own demintions.

Brandon Starr said...

Very cool Frankie! I pray this works out for yah!

_Shane said...

Lookin' nice Frankie, keep up the good work!

frak said...

Thanx guys!
That means a lot!